You expect the best from your top talent and they expect the same from you.

Executive Benefit Solutions: Uncommon program design for uncommon talent.

A benefits package that isn’t sensitive to costs is not a true plan, but an empty promise.

We build your program on a solid foundation— one that’s as cost-efficient as it is effective.

Your strategic objectives resist simplistic “answers.”

Complex challenges deserve custom designs, supported by deep data, and informed with comprehensive analyses.

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Restricted Stock Units have replaced Stock Options as the primary equity award for public company compensation plans.

Cost-efficient benefits for talent you cannot afford to lose

Highly talented executives and professionals come with high expectations. Unfortunately, too many benefits plans impose unattractive limitations on your compensation packages, and unreasonable burdens on your business. Worse, most benefits consultants offer generic programs and/or products that are inconsistent with strategic goals, too expensive to execute, and too cumbersome to manage.

Your talent—and your organization—are worth much more. That’s why we dive into deep analyses to model possibilities that make sense for you, your professionals, and your shareholders. We design programs that not only fit participant expectations, but also fulfill corporate responsibilities for mission consistency, cost-efficiency and accountability. Once our plans are implemented, we remain your partners, providing total plan management services that keep a watchful eye on asset management, and deliver on-going technical support.

Every stakeholder should enjoy the benefits of a custom-designed, comprehensive benefits program. They’re worth nothing less.

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