Our clients understand that a rewarding executive benefits program is essential for attracting and holding top talent. But for many organizations, benefits plans constructed with the best intentions often fall short in their execution. Too many plans fail to achieve strategic objectives for meeting participant expectations, aligning with stakeholder interests, and maintaining consistency with the corporate mission.

Executive Benefit Solutions approaches plan design from a fresh perspective, one that replaces off-the-shelf packages with customized programs designed to meet our clients’ strategic goals for participation, cost-efficiency and accountability. We contribute a:

  • Consultative approach that begins, not with predetermined answers, but with probing questions regarding client objectives, costs, expectations, and opportunities.
  • Problem-solving mindset in which we see each client situation as a unique challenge that demands deep, data-driven analyses and a thorough investigation of program options.
  • Customized designs, rooted in sophisticated financial modeling, that satisfy participant expectations while meeting our client’s needs for fiscal responsibility.


  • Restructure older benefits programs, in light of current stakeholder expectations, to be more consistent with current goals and needs
  • Shift designs from “defined benefit” to “defined contribution” models
  • Consult with respect to plan design
  • Structure associated financing and benefit security arrangements
  • Fulfill on-going management of related assets
  • Design and coordinate related participant communications
  • Provide on-going plan administration and technical support


  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs)
  • Deferral programs for Restricted Stock Units
  • Split Dollar programs, particularly for Nonprofit Organizations concerned with the Excise Tax
  • Phantom stock and “performance” plans
  • Individually-owned supplemental savings and benefits arrangements
  • Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) informal funding arrangements
  • Insurance company-owned life insurance (ICOLI)
  • Corporate-sponsored annuity options
  • Executive life insurance plans (including; various forms of split-dollar, DBO and executive bonus programs)
  • Supplemental and extraordinary life and disability insurance coverages


We recognize that success depends on informed participation. Executive Benefit Solutions provides a variety of communications tools and resources to educate your participants and encourage active engagement, including:

  • Group and one-on-one phone and in-person sessions with the participant(s) and, in some cases, their financial advisors.
  • Interactive financial planning “modelers” in which participants can apply their own figures and financials within the context of the sponsor’s total rewards program, and test their options and opportunities.
  • Pre-recorded videos and narrated presentations that participants can view at their convenience.

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