Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Plan Administration

Introduction to NQDC Plan Administration

The primary advantage of a nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan is flexibility, providing plan participants and sponsors with greater control and the ability to craft more tailor-made designs.

The consequence, though, is that NQDC plans are often incredibly complex, with administration of these unique plans typically challenging, time consuming and costly.

That is why you need a comprehensive platform backed by an expert team that can quickly and seamlessly get your plan off the ground and running smoothly. Continue reading below to see how EBS eliminates the administrative burden by providing full outsourcing capabilities.

EBS Team and Process

Built with more than one hundred years of nonqualified plan experience among its partners, EBS has created a full-service administration system with a cutting-edge technology platform and a full concierge administration team.

By design, each deferred compensation plan is as unique as the company sponsoring it. We work hand in glove with you and your HR and finance teams to customize a platform to meet your company’s needs – resulting in a comprehensive solution to help you better administer your deferred compensation plans.

EBS’s platform is powered by mapbenefits®, a firm with more than 20 years of cloud-based technology experience. The EBS team’s high-touch delivery transforms these often complex 409A plans into a seamless online experience for both plan sponsors and participants. Part of our four-step process, shown below, is to implement an education and communication strategy with full plan administration for the company sponsor and its participants.

NQDC Process

The EBS four-step process balances executive compensation and benefits to achieve exceptional client results.


EBS Platform Advantages

  • We create a customized administration solution to increase value for your participants while reducing risk and cost for the company – plus the platform looks at both asset and liability reconciliation.
  • Your HR and finance teams have access to your company’s portal to view statements, participant account details and dynamic enterprise-level reporting – including asset liability management.
  • The EBS team will help customize a calendar on the platform for plan management, keeping you up to date on enrollment and important reporting requirements.
  • Our platform is available anytime, anywhere, with 24/7 and mobile-friendly access, for participants to manage personal account information, complete enrollment and find real-time account activity.
  • EBS offers several unique tools, including our Savings Escalator, designed to address challenges executives have in meeting personal retirement goals.
  • We apply our expertise and experience to ensure your plan’s ongoing compliance with the complex design and operational rules of Section 409A, avoiding costly excise tax penalties.

Customized Capabilities

As an all-encompassing ecosystem for your entire team, the EBS platform is crafted on a role-specific basis with customized capabilities.

Plan Sponsor Capabilities

  • Access accounting and reconciliation reports.
  • View participant elections and benefits.
  • Access real-time reports (100+).
  • View historical reports.
  • View enrollment status in real time.
  • Access detailed service calendar.
  • Search and access participant information.
  • View aggregate plan assets and liabilities.
  • Model benefit payout projections.
  • Access the mapbenefits® support site and FAQs.

Plan Participant Capabilities

  • View elections and benefits.
  • Change elections.
  • View fund information and account rate of returns.
  • Manage fund allocations.
  • View personal rate of return charts (100+).
  • Access support site and FAQs.
  • View plan information.
  • Complete online enrollment.
  • View statements.
  • View historical reports.
  • Access real-time reports.
  • Project future payouts.
  • Elect automatic deferral increases.
  • Take advantage of personal planning tools, such as Planning Goals, Retirement Planner, Payout Projections and Savings Escalator.


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Get Started

A nonqualified deferred compensation plan is a valuable tool to attract and retain key employees.

Know that it doesn’t have to be a financial or resource burden on the company.

With industry-leading experience, EBS is poised to offer the cutting-edge advantages of our platform, combined with our encompassing support and customer-centric service model, to handle all your needs for plan administration.