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4 Keys to Incentive Compensation Success in an Uncertain Economy

The COVID economy has caused you to confront the flaws of your previous rewards approach and now you must determine what role value-sharing should play going forward—assuming it has any role at all. So, what should you do?

VisionLink and EBS would like to help you answer these questions. Listen now to our joint webinar, 4 Keys to Incentive Compensation Success in an Uncertain Economy. In this broadcast, you will learn why the right kind of incentive plans are more important now than ever before. We will show you how to create a value-sharing approach that will work in any economy and give your rewards strategy the flexibility and depth it will need going forward.

Over the past 20 years, VisionLink and EBS have developed successful incentive compensation and executive benefit plans for hundreds of businesses. We have advised chief executives in virtually every industry during both good and bad economies. We know what works and how to build plans that provide the solutions you seek.