Creating a C-Suite Culture of Long-Term Ownership

CEOs, board members, shareholders worry about holding onto their top executive talent. One departing executive can cost your company 200 + percent of annual salary to replace.

What’s more, executive turnover is on the rise with up to 20 percent of employees lost annually.

What can you do right now to bring the flow to a trickle? Maximize the value of your equity packages.

We show you exactly what to do in our newest white paper, “Creating a C-Suite Culture of Long-Term Ownership: How to Make Equity Packages Abundant and Air Tight.”

Ask us how to add two intelligent, often overlooked, features to your executive team’s deferred comp plan. These enhancements strengthen their retirement and commitment to remain a long-term, key contributor.

Best of all, your decision to act on these two opportunities will enable your team to meet stock ownership guidelines even sooner.

Cultivate the hidden value in your DCPs to turn executive thinking into ownership behavior. Everyone wins. Learn how now. Download Our Latest White Paper.