Do Not Overlook The Power of Captive Insurance Companies to Mitigate Risk and Build Wealth

Small to mid-size private and closely held business owners face a distinct disadvantage when dealing with enterprise risk compared to large corporations. Without the right insurance, all manner of risks can wipe out a company’s resources—cybercrime, legal defense or business interruption, to name a few.

In 2014 alone, the Polar Vortex cost the U.S. economy $15 billion. Think of all the companies that suffered loss of customer traffic, workforce absences, and stalled revenue.

As a business owner, you can afford to insure against enterprise risk by setting up your own captive insurance company. In this educational white paper, we show you how to form a CIC, offer ways to better manage risk, and demonstrate how CICs deliver investment opportunity to cultivate wealth.

Take full advantage of the same strategies large corporations use to gain business and tax benefits with your own CIC. Don’t miss out on this learning opportunity.