Executive Benefit Solutions (EBS) Capabilities Brochure

EBS provides a full range of services with respect to the management of Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Programs.  In addition to traditional non-qualified executive benefit programs, such as Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans and Supplemental Executive Retirement Programs, the firm has special expertise in a number of other areas (which you can learn about in the brochure).

This brochure provides a brief overview of Executive Benefit Solutions, an independent consulting firm. It describes our work in the nonqualified plan area and related benefit areas. The brochure also puts forth our Value Proposition, based on a partnership with our clients.

From inside the brochure, Our Approach:

1. Our approach is highly analytical, collaborative, and cost-effective, and is based on a number of fundamental principles:
2. Partnership with clients.
3. Detailed fact-finding and listening
4. Data-driven design & analysis
5. Consideration of a range of alternatives
6. Comprehensive financial analysis
7. Accuracy and dependability
8. Participant education and communications
9. Communication with plan sponsors

A list of the firm’s consultants and contact information is also provided.

Executive Benefit Solutions is an independent consulting firm with a single core business: working with clients to improve the design and cost-effectiveness of executive benefit programs.