A Roadmap to Fully Empowered RSUs for Competitive Compensation

As firms strive to attract, retain, and reward top talent, understanding the nuances of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) becomes crucial. Over the past two decades, RSUs have emerged as a dominant component of Long-Term Incentive Plans, offering significant advantages for both executives and companies. This comprehensive guide delves into the benefits of RSUs, the intricacies of deferral and diversification, and the competitive edge provided by partnering with Executive Benefit Solutions (EBS). 

Highlights from our RSU Roadmap

RSU Overview

  • RSUs offer unique benefits, including deferred taxation, potential tax reductions and greater plan flexibility. This guide outlines how RSUs can enhance your company’s ability to attract and retain key talent by providing a more valuable, flexible compensation package. 

Deferral and Diversification

  • Deferring RSU income allows executives to delay federal income taxes and potentially reduce state taxes. Diversification helps in reducing the concentration of net worth, providing a balanced financial portfolio. Our guide provides detailed scenarios and strategies to maximize these benefits. 

Implementation Roadmap

  • Gain insights into the step-by-step process of implementing an RSU plan with EBS, ensuring a seamless and compliant experience. 

The Competitive Edge of EBS

Partnering with EBS ensures you navigate the complexities of RSUs along our step-by-step Implementation Roadmap. Our proven process, personalized modeling tools, and expert team will guide you from concept to fully launched RSU programs, tailored to your company’s unique needs.

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