Financial Wellness Planning Beyond The C-Suite

Historically, companies competing for talent added benefits for key executives, including company-sponsored financial planning, with the company paying a stipend for executives to receive planning services from firms like Ayco and E&Y.  The fee often exceeded $10,000 per executive.

Now, however, there is a focus on providing Financial Wellness to a broader group of executives.  This trend is supported by studies that show executives who participate in a financial wellness plan make better financial decisions for both them themselves and the company.

Further, according to the 2018 PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey, those distracted by their finances at work (43%) say they spend three hours or more each week thinking or dealing with personal financial issues. This is a drag on productivity.

EBS is pleased to sponsor a webinar on My Financial Coach (www.myfinancialcoach.com), an independent firm delivering company sponsored financial coaching to a broader group of executives at significantly lower fees than traditional executive financial planning offerings.

Featured Presenter: William L. MacDonald, Managing Director, EBS & Co-Founder of My Financial Coach

My Financial Coach is an objective financial wellness service that allows companies to expand the executive group receiving the benefit because of its modest cost.