How private companies use phantom stock to create a culture of ownership and maintain control

Savior Prints acquired lifestyle accessory company, Fandero. Savior’s CEO kept on the founder of Fandero and added two more C-level executives. Fandero’s revenues had soared from $250,000 to $7 million in only three years. Saviors’ CEO wanted to be sure he could hold onto his dream team, especially since Fandero was regarded as a “hot” property.

So he retained EBS for the right solution. After considerable due diligence, EBS decided the best approach to solving the retention concern would be to implement a phantom stock plan, structured as a stock appreciation rights plan. In this way, all the key contributors would feel a sense of ownership in the rapid growth of the company.

Implementing a Stock Appreciation Rights Plan allowed Ownership to Retain and Keep Key Talent Motivated in this Fast Growing Company.