How to Enhance Executive Compensation

For ten years, stocks have been flat. Companies are digging into compensation packages to satisfy restless constituents and find cost-effective solutions.

In “How Executive Benefits Enhance Executive Compensation Programs,” we examine the needs of employers, executives and shareholders. We review benefits arrangements, trends and best practices. Then, we zero in on structure, tax impact and cash flow considerations. Better yet, we offer you a six-step process to help you identify a total rewards package for your firm.

Learn what packages are best-suited for a given company. What benefits are aligned with objectives? And what’s likely to add true value to shareholders? Read our findings and use to your advantage.

In this quick-read white paper, we unpack NQDC plans, Excess Benefit Plans, Supplement Executive Retirement Plans, and Executive Long-Terms Disability and show you a simple process to get you on the road to a total rewards program.