Introducing the EBS TRIAD Plan:


Elevating Nonprofit Compensation Strategies

Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges in attracting and retaining key talent without the ability to offer equity compensation. Strict state and federal regulations further limit the design and effectiveness of deferred compensation plans. Understanding these constraints, EBS has innovated a groundbreaking solution: the TRIAD Plan. This strategic plan empowers nonprofits to offer competitive, tax-advantaged benefits, thereby leveling the playing field with the corporate sector.

The TRIAD Plan is a transformative approach, enabling participants to contribute on a tax-efficient basis, with earnings accumulating tax-deferred and withdrawals that are non-taxable. This not only enhances participant cash flow but also helps organizations to control expenses.

Tailored to address the specific needs of nonprofit entities, the TRIAD Plan offers a three key benefits:

  • Increased retirement cash flow and financial planning flexiblity for participants in employer-funded plans
  • An option to voluntarily reduce current income for high earners, in return for substantially increased retirement cash flow
  • Reduced plan costs for the organization

Discover how the TRIAD Plan by EBS can revolutionize your nonprofit's approach to competitive compensation, helping you attract, retain, and reward the talented professionals essential to your mission.

Embrace a solution designed for the unique challenges and opportunities within the nonprofit sector.