New Strategies Possible for Non Profits to Better Attract Leadership Talent

With the newly proposed changes to IRS § 457(f), nonprofits may finally gain the opportunity to compete for talent on a scale equal to the for-profit sector. The discussion on these revisions began nine years ago and were issued in June 2016.

If all passes, revised IRS § 457(f), which regulates nonprofits on how tax rules apply to nonqualified deferred compensation plans, offers some unexpected advantages. Learn why timing is everything in this revision and all the reasons you need options.

Allow us to show you how to leverage the recast § 457(f) to your benefit with our latest white paper, Balancing a Power Differential: Nonprofits vs. For-Profits in the War for Talent─Proposed Changes to IRS §457(f) Regulations May Level Imbalance.

Don’t miss our new CompPlus™ concept, designed to further lighten the burden of taxation on plan participants. See page 18 in our latest white paper.