New Strategy for Securing Large Deferred Compensation Balances Against Bankruptcy Risk

A new solution is now available for shielding large deferred compensation balances from the threat of corporate bankruptcy. Many executives lost hard-earned money through the bankruptcy filings of high-profile companies like American Airlines, Chrysler, IndyMac, PG&E, Washington Mutual and others.

In our latest article, we outline for you the multi-value benefits of the Deferred Compensation Protection Trust™. We urge you to download this piece. You’ll learn how to reduce risk, avoid lump-sum withdrawals, and retain all future appreciation of your assets and income.

No matter what happens to your company, with our latest protective strategy, you realize peace of mind by knowing you have protected and managed the risk to your substantial deferred compensation balance. Download the EBS Solution Sheet on “New Strategy May Be Game Changer for Executives.”