Nonprofit Benefits – Meaning Over Money

The internal culture of nonprofit organizations is altruistic. They serve a cause and concern themselves with advancing public good. Money motives naturally conflict with such an uplifting agenda. But like all organizations, nonprofits are only as effective as their ability to attract, hire, and hold onto top talent.

For-profit public companies can easily attract top talent with generous benefits like long-term stock equity. Closely held companies or start-ups create innovative work environments or offer the promise of an IPO. So, how do nonprofits level the playing field without tainting the very public-service culture that makes them special.

Our latest white paper in partnership with Grant Thornton tackles this challenge in deep detail with solutions you can implement today.

Learn how to think and act like a for-profit competitor without losing sight of your mission to do well by doing good. Our latest white paper offers a workable road map to attract, reward, and retain the top talent you need to aspire to excellence.