Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Plan Administration: An EBS Overview

Attract, retain, and reward top talent with a comprehensive NQDC plan administration platform from Executive Benefit Solutions (EBS). This resource provides an in-depth overview of EBS’s full-service NQDC plan administration system, which combines cutting-edge cloud-based technology with a team of experts specializing in navigating the complexities of Section 409A compliance.

What is EBS’ four-step process?

1. Plan Administration Consulting: EBS works hand-in-hand with your HR and finance teams to customize a platform that meets your company’s unique needs, resulting in a comprehensive solution for better plan administration. Their expertise ensures proper plan design, benefit security, and seamless implementation.

2. Asset Management: Corporate liability funding and construction of participant investment menus tailored to your NQDC plan requirements.

3.  Education & Communication: Enrollment assistance, ongoing communication strategies, and education resources for both plan sponsors and participants.

4. Web-Based Platform: A cutting-edge, cloud-based platform powered by mapbenefits®, providing corporate reporting, asset/liability management, and a role-specific ecosystem with customized capabilities.

Why choose EBS for NQDC plan administration?

As outlined in the overview, the EBS platform’s advantages include:

  • Real-time reporting with over 100 report options
  • Participant account management tools
  • Personal planning resources like the Savings Escalator
  • Mobile-friendly 24/7 access.

EBS transforms complex NQDC plans into a seamless online experience, helping you attract, retain, and reward key employees while minimizing risks, reducing costs, and offering peace of mind in managing your deferred compensation strategies.

Learn more and get started

Download and review the overview resource to find more information on how EBS stands ready to relieve your organization by removing the administrative burden of your NQDC plan. For further insights on the general landscape of NQDC plans and the curated process afforded when partnering with EBS, be sure to visit our NQDC Plan Admin content hub.