Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans – A Full-Service Approach to Retirement Confidence


A real possibility exists that your executives could outlive their retirement assets. As an employer, you may not know what to do to mitigate the potential for an asset shortfall. That’s why we hope you’ll read our new, definitive guide on NQDC plans: Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans─A Full-Service Approach to Retirement Confidence.

One major advantage─you can implement an NQDC plan for your executive team with little or no impact to the bottom line. If this information has whetted your appetite for more, download our Resource Guide today.

A look inside, Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans – A Full-Service Approach to Retirement Confidence, an EBS Guide:

What Sets Us Apart
Philosophy Behind Executive Compensation
Bridge the Retirement Gap
Causative Factors in the Retirement Gap
– 401(k) Retirement Plans
– Defined Benefit Plans
– Individual Retirement Accounts
Dual Perspectives on NQDC Plans
– From the Perspective of Plan Participant
– From the Perspective of Plan Sponsor
Plan Design Drives Performance
– The Challenge of Attract-Retain-Reward-Motivate
Plan Design Considerations
– For the Plan Participant
– For the Company Plan Sponsor
– Flexibility in Plan Design
The EBS Full Service Approach
Step 1: Consulting
– Evaluating Current Plans
– Designing New Plans
Step 2: Asset Management and Funding
– Selecting NQDC Plan Investments
– Risk-Based Model Portfolio Construction
– Financial Modeling
– Informal Funding
– Hedging the Liabilities
– Financing Mechanisms to Informally Fund the Plan
– Financed with Taxable Investments
– Introducing the Optimizer
– Securing the Plan Benefits
Step 3: Education and Communication
Step 4: Plan Administration
– Comprehensive Services
– Administration
– Investments
– Participant Investment Advisory Services
– Communication
– Advance Technology Driven
– Added Advantage – Asset/Liability Rebalancing for Corporate Finance
– Accounting and Financial Reporting
– Quality Assurance
Closing Thoughts

Learn practical strategies on how to implement the ever-versatile NQDC plan to ensure you and your executives reach full retirement confidence. Download our new NQDC Resource Guide now.