Professional Security Plan Brochure

This brochure provides a brief overview of the Professional Security Plan, an integrated program that offers an opportunity to obtain three key elements of personal financial protection – permanent life insurance, chronic care benefits, and terminal illness protection – on a cost effective basis with the option of using a unique leveraging arrangement to reduce cost or multiplybenefits.

In addition, contributions to the plan accumulate on a tax deferred basis, and create a “bucket” of supplemental savings that can be accessed on a non-taxable basis at any time, particularly during retirement.

The brochure provides an example of how the program works using a 45 yearold participant.

The PSP provides permanent life insurance funded in 5 years available with limited medical underwriting and the convenience of third party enrollment and administration. Contributions to the policy accumulate on a tax deferred basis, and can be distributed on non-taxable basis to supplement retirement income.