Retirement and Retention Strategies for Closely Held Private Companies Webinar


EBS Webinar Hosted by Director Don Curristan (EBS-West) with featured presenters Chris W. Rich (EBS-Boston) and Scott McHenry (McHenry Advisers).

This webinar discusses retirement and retention plans for closely held private companies.  EBS will focus on the nonqualified side of things while McHenry Advisers will speak on the qualified side of things.

Learn about Cash Balance Pension Plans from McHenry Advisers and how they can provide for:
  • Increased levels of tax-deductible retirement contributions for business owners and key executives (often 6 times larger contributions than a 401(k) Plan)
  • Over $100,000 in annual immediate income tax savings
  • Flexibility in contributions from year to year
  • The ability to dramatically increase retirement savings in a short period of time
Learn from EBS about various strategies that can allow:
  • Key employees to defer pre-tax dollars above the 401(k)/IRA contribution limits
  • The company to create a plan that rewards employees when performance metrics are met
  • The company to provide an attractive benefit that can be cost neutral over the life of the plan
  • Key employees to build a future non-taxable bucket of supplemental retirement income
  • The company to attract or retain key employees who have been offered equity compensation by a competitor

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