Tax Planning Strategies for Whitecoats

Listen to a webcast hosted by EBS and Moskowitz LLP to learn how physicians can take advantage of the new 20% deduction (or, how to pay tax on only 80% of your income)

We will present valuable tips to lower your taxes:

  • Maximizing the new 20% tax deduction for Physicians
  • How to best utilize depreciation to reduce taxes
  • Optimize pension plans for maximum deductions
  • Increase retirement income with specialized non-qualified retirement plans
  • Unique compensation alternatives at not-for-profit hospitals
  • Tax-efficient methods of selling physician practices

Featured Presenters: Glen Horecky of EBS, Steve Moskowitz of Moskowitz LLP and Cliff Capdevielle

Tax reform changed the playing field and upped the risks for not for profits – and the challenges to retain top talent keep getting tougher. How do leading organizations reduce the excise tax impact and also improve c-level retention?