The ISOP: Watch the Video and Download the Brochure

If you don’t keep up with changes in IRS tax rules—and who has the time or stamina—you may not be aware of some of the restrictions imposed on your current nonqualified deferred compensation plan (DCP).

It’s our mission to keep you informed.

What if you could benefit from a retirement program that’s tax-deductible to the employer, where all the money you accumulate grows tax-deferred, and all your withdrawals are non-taxable, like a Roth Plan?

It’s time to learn about the Insured Security Option Plan, or ISOP for short.

In just a little over four minutes, our latest video learning tool, “Fully Secured, Tax-Deductible Deferred Compensation Plans,” answers such critical questions as:

  • Does your planning track closely with the three phases of money?
  • How do you avoid the pain of future tax hikes?
  • Should your contributions be pre-tax of after-tax?

Learn about the ISOP in detail so you determine whether it should be part of your retirement program. Contact us at 617.904.9444 or email Chris Wyrtzen at cwyrtzen@ebs-boston.com or Bill MacDonald at wmacdonald@ebs-west.com to learn more.

Every employer with highly compensated executives or employees needs to know about the ISOP. Find out why and enjoy our latest educational video.