Webinar: From COVID to the Great Resignation – Use Financial Planning/Wellness to Retain Employees


EBS Webinar Hosted by Managing Director Chris W. Rich featuring Bill MacDonald and My Financial Coach

Empower the entire workforce to achieve financial goals and navigate life events through personalized one-on-one guidance, digital tools, and workplace solutions. Using financial wellness can improve employee productivity and reduce turn-over costs.

EBS was pleased to sponsor a webinar featuring My Financial Coach, an independent firm delivering company-sponsored financial coaching to a broader group of executives and key employees at significantly lower fees than traditional executive financial planning offerings.  In this webinar you’ll learn how to:
  • Optimize Compensation and Benefits programs
  • Enhance Productivity+ & Focus of employees
  • Help Employees Navigate Risk
  • Reduce Employee Stress, Build Employee Confidence
  • Help Employees Set & Achieve Goals
  • Give your Employees Peace of Mind

For a more detailed description and overview of the above discussion you can access Bill’s presentation by clicking below.