The Phantom of the Stock World: How to Create Owners Out of Employees Without Diluting Your Stock

As of October 2014, “the number of people leaving their jobs climbed to the highest in more than five years, according to the Labor Department, another sign of a labor market gradually returning toward normal more than five years after the official end of the recession,” as reported in a Wall Street Journal article December 9, 2014.

Jim O’ Sullivan, the chief U.S. economist for High Frequency Economics, claims “the more people quit, the more incentive there is for employers to reward people for staying proactively.”

Larger, publicly-traded companies can attract top-performers with generous benefits like full stock grants or stock options, restricted shares or other forms of long-term equity compensation. Smaller companies attract top-performers with innovative, fast-paced cultures and ground-floor IPOs. Mid-market companies must fight against both sides to hold onto their star contributors, who are head-hunted furiously.

And star contributors typically seek instant gratification and will jump ship for a better offer.

How then can owners of mid-size companies incentivize top-performers to drive revenue and stay with the company without giving stock and watering down control of their companies?

We answer this question and more in our latest, comprehensive white paper entitled, “Transform Select Employees into ‘Owners’ Without Diluting Corporate Control—The Exquisite Reality of Phantom Stock.” Download this informative document today and we’ll stand by if you have any questions.

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